Frame, Unibody Repair, Metal Repair & Replacement

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Metal repair and replacement is an extremely critical phase. We strive to nuse original replacement parts and factory approved repair procedures. All necessary corrosion protection procedures are used to meet or exceed factory corrosion warranties.

Importance of Refinishing


Automotive painting and refinishing is truly an art. Matching the exotic finishes found on many of today's vehicles requires special expertise in application techniques, such as State-of-the art heated paint booths combined with Standox Paint.



We make every effort to write a precise estimate the first time; this sometimes requires minor disassembly of damaged areas an a bit more time .An accurate estimate helps us and the insurance company ensures a smooth flow of the repair process.
As an established collision facility, we'll work with your insurance company to arrive at a fair price to perform quality repairs that we can proudly stamp with our lifetime guarantee, and you'll be proud as well!.

Quality Detail


With our convenient, in-house Detail Department, your car never has to leave our facility. This brings the cost down for you and gives us the opportunity to control quality throughout the complete repair process.

Quality inspections are important part of the repair process at Integra Body Shop Inc. The critical, final quality check is performed by our Detail Department.
Our staff trained technician carefully examines the repaired area and thoroughly cleans the exterior and interior. We take pride in delivering a clean vehicle with a like-new finish.

Detail Center & Hand Car Wash



Step One Buffing
The vehicle will be buffed with a special polish that will remove light scratches and all of the old wax. It will also remove light car and bugs. The vehicle is then sealed with polymer sealant to give your vehicle a new look.

Step Two Buffing
Abrasive and chemical cleaners are used to remove and deep scratches during the first step, next "Step one Buffing" process is followed to complete your vehicle, before applying polymer sealant for paint protection.
Step Three Buffing
The following step is recommended for all dark vehicles. The "Step Two Buffing" Process is done first. Next the important third step of applying a deep gloss cleaner and polish that will removed fine scratches and swirl marks. This will provide a dark dramatic shine and give the vehicle the ultimate look. Lastly the paint is then sealed with polymer sealant to provide a long lasting protection for the vehicle.
Interior Detailing
We shampoo all carpeting, mats, upholstery and door panels; we also use our carpet extractor to leave your interior smelling clean and dry. We vacuum the trunk and clean and condition all vinyl and leather.
Leather Treatment
The treatment is a two step process. First with lexol leather cleaner, and then with lexol leather conditioner. Lexol's unique formula penetrates easily into wet or dry leather fiber. This product will not leave your leather surface slippery or slick. Also it leaves no greasy residue to stain or discolor clothing.
Engine Clean
We degreaser the engine compartment, wash and rinse, compressor air dry. All hoses and plastic components are then dressed with a non-flammable dressing. High or low pressure rinse depending on demand and automobile.
Clay service
Removes paint over spray, railhead dust, tree sap, bug residue, and mostly other contaminants.
Hand Car Wash
Includes: Complete hand wash, wheel cleaning, tire dressing, vacuuming, windows, trunk, dash board, and door panels.